Enjoy my world view

Despite being a writer by profession, I’m a visual person. I enjoy beautiful things. I put on my pretty clothes even if there’s no special occasion. And I can’t bear the thought of living in a home devoid of personality.

Photography is my visual treat. It’s not just about pretty pictures. It’s a way to cherish wonderful memories and share my point of view. Friends say I have ‘the eye’. I always say I don’t take great photos but interesting ones. Even though I have recently acquired a semi-automatic camera, I still pick the auto mode over DSLR. What I lack in technical know-how, I make up with an eye for detail and appreciation. So enjoy my photos, and the stories.

P.S. For those who don’t understand Malay, mata sepet means slit eyes. I have mata sepet lah. 


3 thoughts on “Enjoy my world view

  1. A thing of beauty is a joy forever . . .

  2. un-sepet on said:

    It’s all about the angles and composition. don’t let the camera tamper your creativity. what’s important is the person behind the camera. knowing the technical bit of DSLR will definitely help you appreciate details more though.

    I want to learn more on film photograpy. you can produce art with that.

    • I’ve given up film because it’s just too expensive. Even my Lomo has gone digital. Since I don’t have the technical skills, I’m also about angles and composition. I’m a point and shoot photographer. Interestingly, when I go on holidays, I take better pictures than the guys with the big bulky cameras. It’s about having the eye, indeed.

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