Art imitates life at Legoland

They say art imitates life. This is certainly true at Legoland Malaysia. My favourite part of the park is the MINILAND. Take your time to really look at the miniature landmarks. See what the little people are doing. The attention to detail is really amazing. The model makers did a great job capturing the nuances of human behaviour and cultural quirks. It took them three years and more than 30 million LEGO bricks to recreate the landmarks, and I suspect many fun hours brainstorming how to inject doses of humour into these models.

Even in Legoland people can't get off their phones.

Even in Legoland people can’t get off their phones.



The scare tourist.

Scared tourist at Angkor Wat.

Typical Bollywood.

Typical police and thief scene at Taj Mahal.

Superman in Singapore!

Superman in Singapore!

Even in Legoland there are car problems.

Even in Legoland there are car problems.

Another day in KL.

Another day in KL.


1. Legoland is really hot. As hot as Sepang. So hot it can give you a migraine. Put on your sunblock, wear light clothes (preferably with UV protection), put on a hat or bring an umbrella and drink lots of water.

2. It’s also very expensive. Expect to pay RM5 for a soft drink from the vending machine and about RM20 to RM25 for a meal. This can easily add up to a lot if you’re paying for a family. Bring your own snacks and water.

3. If you’re here to shoot lots of photos, allocate enough time. Go as early as you can. I made this trip from Singapore and booked the second last bus back. I was rushing through the last shots and had to run for the bus.

4. Look out for online deals on the tickets. The normal price for a Malaysian adult is a steep RM120 for the theme park and RM150 for theme park and water park. This can only be purchased at the ticket counter. You’ll need to show your MyKad. For other prices, refer here.

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