GE13 photo diary

It has been exactly one week since the 13th General Election. It was a tense and close one, the culmination of much mud-slinging, racially divisive advertising, dirty tactics and generally, the awakening of citizens since 2008 to the realisation that the power to change is indeed in their hands. For the first time, voter turnout breached 84%, the highest ever recorded. Young and old, all rose bright and early on a Sunday morning to cast their votes and make their voices heard.

This is not a political post, just a personal account of my voting day, my third one! The pictures at the voting centre was taken with my Lomo Harinezumi because a ‘toy camera’ is less threatening and more discreet. I did not want risk having myself booted out before casting my precious vote.

Degi Hari

A sign at the school I was voting at. May I continue?
Air dicincang tidak akan putus
Angin perubahan tidak akan hapus
(Chopped waters may not break
Winds of change may not be swept away)
Degi Hari

Free Malaysia! This seemed to capture the sentiment of the day. Looking through the metal door into a classroom.


A quiet Bukit Bintang on the morning of GE13. Went there after voting. Glad to know Malaysians finally got their priorities right – vote first, shop later!

When I went to Mid Valley yesterday, the jam and crowds had returned. Life is back to normal after a week being occupied with post-election dramas. My hairstylist confirmed that Mid Valley was quiet last Sunday but people started coming back two days ago. My taxi driver on the other hand, said people were also shopping before the elections. When he went to Speedmart 99, all the cheap rice were cleaned out. Only the premium packs were left.

Degi Hari

I saw this shirt at Isetan and had to try it on.
If you change nothing, nothing will change.


“Waiter, there’s a finger on my burger!”

Lunch and my inked finger. It was supposed to last a week (the ink, not the meal), but faded away by the next day (with regular washing – no bleach, thinner or oil used). From a mark of pride for many first-time voters, it quickly turned into a symbol of everything that went wrong with the election.

Hmm… instead of wasting money on a failed product, perhaps the Election Commission should consider kunyit (tumeric), henna or lily pollen for the next election. Environmentally friendly, bio-degradable and longer-lasting stains.

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