Flattery or cheesy?

Eight years ago, I chanced upon a paper sign outside a VCD shop in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It proudly declared that the VCDs it stocked were from Malaysia. Even though they were fakes, I felt a surge of pride as it was a testimony of our product quality. Malaysia boleh?

So, is imitation a form of flattery, copyright infringement, or does it reflect a lack of ideas? Have a look at these photos and tell me what you think.

A Pizza Hut wannabe in Syria.


Li-Ning is a huge sports brand from China. Not only is its logo similar to the Nike Swoosh, its tagline is ripped off Adidas’ Impossible is Nothing. 


On a closing note, I would not buy an original Louis Vuitton bag even if I could afford one as there are so many fakes around. If I see it on someone, I would always wonder, is it genuine? Or is it from Petaling Street? Some knockoffs look so real (especially the Grade A ones) they’re hard to distinguish at a glance. This reminds me of the time when a school teacher thought my imitation Rolex was an heirloom.

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